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Company Information


Vergo is one of the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic mounting systems in Turkey and Europe. With more than 8 years of experience and a global vision of engineering services and production plants, we support clean energy with our forward-thinking ingenuity and pioneering spirit.

We are shaping the future of solar energy.

Since 2015, Vergo took place in several projects in USA, Canada and EMEA countries where it has proven track record of solution-oriented thinking for variety of customers, delivered reliable and durable solutions and high quality customer service. Furthermore, with an optimal calculation of the costs ,Vergo is always looking to provide more added value to its customers with the aim of achieving sustainable, durable steel components.


Vergo operates its annual manufacturing capacity of approximately 250.000 tons of Steel parts in 2 production facilities. First factory in Salihli is situated on a total area of 65.000 m² including 21.000 m² of closed area. Our new plant in Aliağa was established in 2022 on a total area of 17.000 m² where is near to Aliağa port.